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Civic & Environmental Committee

The Committee Chair is Nancy Crowe


The goal of the Civic and Environmental Committee is: 

  • Observe meetings of city governmental bodies and alert
    the Board to items that merit attention by the Association.


  • Sponsor projects for the improvement and beautification

       of our neighborhood.

  • Represent CPNA to the City of Richardson.

  • Environmental issues that arise with the park, pond, etc.

Shade the Trail

Flag Program

Help make our park trail more beautiful and shaded. Donate a tree in honor of your family, in memory of a loved one or contribute any amount towards the purchase of a tree. We are a non-profit organization and your donation is 


Donation Options

$207+ Tree Donor Level

under $199 - Friends Donor Level 

Check out the Richardson Parks and Recreation pamphlet on Tree Selection  & CARE

Show your patriotism and support your community. Join the flag program in Crowley Park. Get flags in your yard for $40 per year. Proceeds provide scholarships for RISD Students, Local Girl/Boy Scouts earn revenue by participating in this program. 

Only $40 per year includes delivery, setup, and remove for five (5) holidays. This includes Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Veterans Day. 

If you plan on having a tree trimmed, hire a professional with good reviews.  Anyone with a saw can claim to be a "tree surgeon" and leave you with disastrous results.

Shade the Trail Donor Recognition

The following Crowley Park Residents have donated $200 to purchase a tree:

Donor                                                                        Dedicated To:

Kambiz Afkhami                                                       Cameron Afkhami

Kambiz Afkhami                                                       Michelle Afkhami

Shahid Akhtar                                                           Sabiha Waheed

Shahid Akhtar                                                           Shahid Akhtar

Shahid Akhtar                                                           Sadia Ashraf

John & Sue Bahr                                                      Wilfred Bahr & James Pelz (WWII Vets)

Larry Bailey                                                               Boyce and Kay Bailey

Courtney & Dave Barker                                         Courtney & Dave Barker

Mary Jane Bearden                                                 Donald Eugene Bearden, Sr.

Susanna Berry                                                          Fred Berry

Rick & Teri Brooks                                                    Dick and Dot Brooks

Frances, Stuart & Jackie Campbell                       Ben Campbell

Bonnie Cash & Marc Fleishman                            The Fleishman Family

Eric Chen                                                                   Chia Yang and Yu Ying Chen

Andrew Chuvarsky                                                  Helen Chuvarsky

Sharol Clark                                                              Tate Landon Clark

Kathleen Crowe                                                       William Crowe

Nancy Crowe & Van Niemela                                Dave and Patty Stevens

Tom and Elaine Dixon

Todd & Debbie Edel      

Monica Enfield & Evan Quaife                                Leding Bautista                                        

Charles Finch (3)

Charles Finch                                                            Carolyn Finch

Jerri Garison                                                             “Buz” Stuart

Tom and Elaine Gibson                                            My Family at COR HR

Mark & Kacki Gilpin

Steve, Cindy & Kirbie Houser (3)                            Creed Houser

Dana & Melanie Huffman                                       Jason Huffman

Audrey Janicki                                                          Michael E. Janicki, 1939-2018

Glenda and Dennis Jenkins                                   Micah N. Jenkins

Dan Johnson                                                            Todd and Alison Ayrea

Chuck and Joan Johnson

Bob and Mary Ann Johnston

Bill and Leslie Kinder     

The Knox Family                                                       Lee Knox

Kent and Betty Koehler                                           Kent and Betty Koehler

Fulchu Li

Lynne Lofgren   

Rockie and Tim Marvel

Phyllis and Alan McKinzie                                       Herta and Leonard White

Dolan & Marilyn McKnight                                      Matt and Cammy Gaston

Andrea McLaughlin                                                  Jannelle & Vincent McLaughlin Bohon

Larry Monaco   

Carolina & Mauricio Nunez                                     Mauricio & Carolina Nunez                                      

Dot and Dennis Pitts

Theresa Remakel                                                     Remakel’s Grandchildren

Lewis Rigdon                                                            Cynthia Rigdon

Lonnie & Karen Rush

Horace Satisfied

Bill Simpler                                                               Disabled American Veterans

Sabrina Skoblionok                                                 Sofia Skoblionok

Patsy Srygley                                                            Monte R. Srygley

Heather and Seth Stevens                                       

Marisa Violante                                                        Marisa Violante and Lee Keuter

Bert and Ruth Wall                                                  Wall Family

Eric and Terry Willenbrock

Eric and Terry Willenbrock                                    Creed Houser

Steven and Penny Williams                                  Dorothy Charlene Elberson Williams

David Willis                                                              Michael Todd Ward

Jean Wright                                                              Judy Neslage

Thomas & Rosemarie Zale                                    Vito & Frances Vetimiglia

Thomas & Rosemarie Zale                                    Matthew & Lottie Zale     

Terry & Cathy Ziegler

The following Crowley Park Residents have donated $20-199 toward the purchase of a tree:

Rihab Abdelgalil

Elena Basurto

Josie Capps

Charles Finch

Thomas Foug

Fulchu Li

Sandy and David Maher-Smith

Scott & Rissa Marlar

Donna Newton

Tanya Nguyen

Phil Nordquist

Roy and Beverly Ridley

Naomi and Joe Steede

D Max Waitfield

Tsu Ching Liu and Peggy Wang

Shana and Mike Wiessing

Clifford and Jean Wright

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