This is our neighborhood.  Get involved! 

By the way, this is NOT a Home Owners' Association




Show up FEB 6th and help clean up our park.

Meet at the South Pavilion at 9 am.

This is an activity that lends itself to physical distancing

but you can still socialize at a distance. We need VOLUNTEERS come help clean up Crowley Park. This gives you a chance to pick up trash and litter and explore down in the creek bottom that runs through Crowley Park. At this time of year one can explore the creek bottom and not worry about poison ivy, mosquitoes, zoospores, helgramites, phydoplanktons, etc. biting you. Just don’t fall in the creek the water is cold at this time of the year. Come on out you will meet some friends that you never know you had and help clean up the park.

Garbage Bags will be provided.  Possible additions to bring with you are:

  • old shoes

  • gloves

  • rake or "grabber"

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